Aroyee is a truly unique experience, where you enjoy a thoughtful combination of native organic ingredients, exquisite flavours and incredible service, all whilst empowering the local community. What’s not to love about the concept?!

Alistair Howarth and Haneen Sakakini Banking and Consulting Executives

“We had such an amazing experience ! It exceeded all my expectations! Every dish was great but among the ones that really stood out was the beef. The green curry was also fantastic, I loved the depth of the sauce. The salmon was delectable as usual, love the pairing of the peas with the sour sauce. We don't know what fuji is but the soup was a very nice surprise. The pesto sauce was also a favourite for both of us and we were left wishing for more of the tortellini. For dessert we both agreed on the pineapple as our favourite. We loved the hibiscus drink and shared the complimentary cookies with some friends and family and they loved them too. It was a perfect night and we really enjoyed ourselves.”

Nerissa Nashin Corporate Strategic Initiatives Director and Food Enthusiast

“Everything was phenomenal, it left all of us very satisfied and happy. I will definitely be recommending your services. Every dish was perfect.”

Mehran Agha Industry Owner and Business Leader