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Restaurant Menu

New Dishes
  • Tortellini
    Tortellini filled with herbed cream cheese served with chili-pesto
  • Papaya Salad
    Papaya salad with runner beans, capers, cherry tomatoes, avocado and chili-miso-honey dressing
  • Nut Roast
    Cashew nut roast with hibiscus filling served with shimeji mushrooms and red curry sauce
  • Tuna
    Seared tuna with passion fruit citrus dressing and mixed shoots salad
  • Eggs Benedict
    Poached quail eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce on an herb biscuit
Chef Preparing Dish
  • Ginger Press
    Freshly pressed root ginger with orange
  • Hibiscus and Air
    Hibiscus cordial topped with sparkling water
  • Guavarita
    Fresh guava juice with lime
  • Lemongrass Chilled
    Lemongrass and mint infusion
  • Wood Apple
    Wood apple infusion served over ice
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Afterdinner drinks
  • Vietnamese Filter Coffee
    Trang Nguyen coffee served with traditional "phin" filter
  • Japanese Genmai Tea
    A traditional green tea preparation flavoured with roasted rice
Amuse Bouche | Aroyee Fine Dining
  • Satay Malay
    Cashew nut sauce, rice cakes and pickled onions
  • Vietnamese Summer Roll
    Filled with salmon, avocado and fresh herbs
  • Shitake Fresh Roll
    Shitake mushrooms and fresh bamboo shoots
  • Thai Laab
    Ground duck laab on crispy rice cakes
  • Laab and Beans
    Mashed beans with galangal, lemongrass and mint
  • Grilled Shrimp
    With vegetable pearls, citrus and sesame shoots
  • Skewered Crispy Tofu
    With three-flavours sauce and sabarang herb
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  • Ravioli
    Pumpkin ravioli with sabarang and chili oil finished with paprika and Himalayan salt
  • Salmon fillet
    Pan-fried salmon fillet with crushed peas, sour curry and potato shoestrings
  • Duck breast
    Duck breast with pumpkin purée, chutney, pickled fruits and black rice cakes
  • Beef fillet
    Beef fillet with “nam prik pao sauce” and sesame pickled wild cucumber
  • Gazpacho
    Chilled cucumber and fuji soup
  • Crab terrine
    Crab, avocado and potato terrine decorated with hibiscus infused tara
  • Matcha ice cream
    6, 9
    Matcha ice cream with toasted rice, fruit pearls and sesame wafers
  • Shitake
    Sautéed shitake with miso and creamed corn, cucumber and chili salsa and crispy ginger
  • Panna cotta
    Panna cotta with hibiscus sauce and sesame chocolate ripples
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desserts and bakery
  • Sheryl
    Spun sugar nest with honey ice-cream, roasted sesame and cashew nuts
  • Fruit Sorbet
    Pineapple and coconut rice tart with pineapple sorbet on peppered guava
  • Sundae
    Honey ice-cream with ginger-spiced chocolate ganache, cashew brittle and sesame dusted whipped cream
  • Nyonya Pastries
    Traditional Nyonya pineapple pastries
  • Muffins
    Cashew and hibiscus muffins
  • Jam Tarts
    Miniature hibiscus jam tarts
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Aroyee sends a team of chefs and servers to your home to prepare our wonderful dishes for you, your family and friends, or business colleagues.

But you can also use our private dining venue: House 11 Road 11 Baridhara

Aroyee. Fine dining in the comfort of your home.